Marriage Counseling

The sad reality is that marital relationships once filled with a euphoric sense of promise and possibility often end in bitterness and frequently create a lasting impact on children, families and other valued relationships. At Wellspring Counseling, we offer a dynamic approach to relationship wellness that helps break the cycle of pain and opens the door to renewed possibilities for happiness.

We offer pre-marital, marital and relationship intervention counseling that explores the fundamental root causes of patterned and chronic relational conflict. Using a variety of therapeutic strategies, our clients typically discover their own personal responsibility within the relationship dynamic as well as an understanding of his/her disruptive patterns. While every situation is unique, many of our clients come away with an honest appreciation of themselves and their life partner, and are empowered with newly developed skills and strategies for successful living.

Family Counseling

The family and its environment remain the most formative aspects of development, especially for children. Since no family is perfect in its functioning, most of us (in fact, probably ALL of us!) have experienced familial conflict and pain that has programmed us to view ourselves and those around us in a particular way. Our professional staff is equipped to understand the unique and often subconscious ways that family drama manifests itself in our relational, emotional and intellectual lives.

In our culture today, the idea of family has changed dramatically. We are sensitive to the many varieties of family life, such as divorced and separated families, single parent families, blended families and more. Our assessment and treatment process allows us to capture the positive processes of the family and restore the broken areas. The goal is to create balance for all family members, strengthening communication, establishing boundaries, creating safety, building parental symmetry, respecting emotional IQ, and offering positive conflict strategies that work for each member of this unique "community".

Individual Counseling

Wellspring Counseling helps you explore the foundational causes of emotional wounds, hurts and negative beliefs. Utilizing a variety of assessment tools, our life counselors assist you in identifying emotional, physical and spiritual matters that impact you during crisis or situational traumas of the moment. We help you recognize how unresolved wounds can result in a variety of emotional side effects.

From early development, each of us is subjected to imperfect parenting, minor to painful life experiences, and complex relationships that serve to program our perspective on how we view ourselves and others. Our staff recognizes that our emotional hurts often manifest themselves in our physical bodies, our emotional/cognitive beliefs, and in our spiritual awareness and understanding. We seek to bring healing, resolution and freedom to all three of these areas of our humanity.

Though we understand that counseling at any time in one's life is not fully sufficient, our clients often experience dramatic and life changing resolution. This success empowers them to continue their development well beyond the counseling experience.

Adult and Adolescent ADHD Assessment and Coaching

Do you seem to make careless mistakes when working on a boring or different project?
Do you often have difficulty keeping your attention on a project?
Do your friends often joke with you about being late?
Are your child's grades not representative of his/her performance ability?

These and many other questions indicate that you are NOT lazy or "stupid" but you may be struggling with adult or childhood attention deficit. Though there isn't a true standard for diagnosis, several years of research have yielded a more consistent understanding of the common symptoms of ADHD.

Wellspring Counseling understands the issues that pre-teens and adolescents face when coping with this disorder. And we assist adults who perhaps have spent much of their lives compensating for their difficulties in this area.

We help you understand the symptoms of ADHD, work with you to address it, and explore the options for clinical diagnosis and possible pharmacological treatment. At the same time, we offer coaching to assist you in developing the essential skills and strategies to organize, sustain, and utilize other behavioral skills for success and life satisfaction.

Relationship Building

Each of us is unique, with a typically complex and often bewildering set of circumstances and experiences that have shaped our life and our perceptions of ourselves and others. Without a clear roadmap, many of us have made the journey without healthy feedback and without consistent, positive validation. All too often, we seek out relationships to resolve our internal conflicts about ourselves and those around us and our choices tend to reaffirm our fear that there is something "wrong" with us.

Wellspring Counseling utilizes a process designed to uncover these hidden conflicts to bring conscious understanding of yourself…to help re-introduce you to YOU. In a loving, supportive, confidential, and safe environment, we seek to open new doors to hope, self-respect and freedom to be yourself.

We live in an age in which life is not only exciting and filled with many pleasures but it can be accompanied by troublesome and often traumatic events. These life-altering experiences impact our humanity and directly affect our relationships in ways that we typically don't recognize.

Our training and experience enable our professional staff to provide the tools and strategies to resolve relationship issues and develop lasting strategies to embrace relationships with confidence and contentment.

Depression Therapy

Depression can be debilitating. If you find yourself sad or down more days than not, or if you feel unmotivated, emotionally flat, often agitated, unable to sleep or sleeping too much, or you just can't get yourself motivated in the morning, you may be experiencing one of the many forms of depression. The professional staff at Wellspring Counseling works closely with you to make the appropriate diagnosis through a series of assessments and interviews.

Depression can show up in a variety of ways, such as anxiety, so the correct diagnosis is important. We will explore appropriate treatment options, including consultation with licensed medical professionals and exploration of pharmacological intervention.

Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety disorders, like depression, often mask other issues. Our staff is trained to properly diagnose and provide appropriate resources to resolve anxiety-related symptoms. In some cases, the anxiety may be chemically based, so we may suggest a referral to a competent, licensed medical professional. Anxiety might also be a protective response to an overwhelming event or experience in your life. Our staff is trained and experienced in providing the appropriate assessment and diagnosis of anxiety, as well as creative, proven strategies to provide safe and effective resolution.

Trauma Recovery

If you have a known history of emotional, physical or sexual abuse and presently experience residual effects of this trauma, Wellspring Counseling can help you regain balance in your life and relationships.

If you are a professional caregiver, first responder, victim of a car accident, someone who has experienced the sudden loss of a loved one or if you have faced an unexpected and overwhelming circumstance that has affected your natural ability to live life to its fullest, we can help.

Perhaps you are easily startled or on constant high alert or you notice that you over-react to situations that don't warrant such intensity. Maybe you are having recurring nightmares, a disturbed sleep cycle, inconsistent and emotionally charged relationships, potentially addiction behaviors, or intense fear of emotional or physical intimacy.

Certain triggers in our environments or in our relationships set the emotional and behavioral framework that is often rooted in traumatic memory. We are trained specifically to treat individuals who are dealing with such painful and traumatic experiences.

Life Transition Counseling

Life transition counseling (LTC) differs from psychotherapy in that LTC is for individuals who seek the next step in their lives and are in need of coaching to make the transition. Through LTC, you build upon the strengths you currently possess to explore the strengths or traits needed for the next stage of your life. Those transitions may involve a career change, relationship building after relocation, moving from single to married life, family planning, childbirth, parenting, caring for elderly parents, divorce recovery and remarriage, developing a life plan, redefining your life's purpose, confronting the "empty nest," retirement planning, deepening your experience of intimacy and satisfaction in life, and achieving emotional/spiritual/intellectual balance.

Many of life's experiences have disrupted our natural and unique symmetry, interrupting the fullness of our enjoyment in life. Our life transition counseling professionals will assist you in developing a coherent, balanced life plan that maximizes the potential for your success and joy in designing the life you have imagined.

Spiritual Concerns

Wellspring Counseling offers this service to individuals, couples and professionals who have reached a turning point in their spiritual formation. Many in this stage have a variety of questions, concerns, and doubts. We offer the openness to explore your concerns and seek ways to alleviate the doubts you face. We are a diverse practice of professionals who facilitate the process of exploration and discovery in a safe and encouraging environment without judgment of faith conviction or spiritual expression.

We seek to encourage and explore the opportunities that emerge as you openly address your questions. Whether you have been part of a formal denomination or exploring what spirituality means to you or you are simply at a turning point in your spiritual and professional life and wonder how to integrate your faith into the next phase of your life our staff can help you develop your spiritual language and roadmap. Our chief aim in providing this "Turning Point" counseling is to help you develop a coherent narrative and spiritual formation that is consistent with your perspective and values, translated authentically in your outward expression to others.