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What To Expect

When you engage with the therapists at Wellspring Counseling, you will experience what health means to you as you develop what we call Mindfulness.

"This is a term finding its way into our culture of health and wellness. Mindfulness is meant to describe a state of being that entails sensing what is, even sensing one's own judgments, and noticing that these sensations, these images, feelings and thoughts, come and go. Mindfulness can be seen as a form of relationship with oneself, an interpersonal attunement. Mindful practice is the process of developing mechanisms by which we become our own best friend.

"The general idea of the clinical benefit of mindfulness is that the acceptance of one's situation can alleviate the internal battle that may emerge when expectations of how life should be do not match how life is…"

– Dr. Dan Siegel, The Mindful Brain

Mindfulness reflects the Wellspring Counseling philosophy of therapy and coaching.

We focus first on exploring your needs and expectations, then we work with you to identify the most appropriate strategies to overcome your challenges. Once you and your counseling professional have come to a consensus on the focus and direction that best suits your needs, we will custom-design a counseling or treatment plan that produces mindfulness and healthy change.

The staff at Wellspring Counseling is dedicated to providing an efficient, intensive, and accelerated therapeutic experience through effective data collection and assessment. The more you know about yourself through constructive feedback, the better equipped you will be to make constructive decisions for change.

When you call to schedule a session to see one of our therapists, you will receive information that will assist you in filing insurance claims, since we are an out–of-network provider. We do not directly bill insurance companies, so payment will be expected in full at the time of service.

When you come to our office, you will feel welcomed and comfortable in a safe, confidential environment that respects your privacy. You will be supported by therapists who are active listeners, committed to making a lasting difference for your life.