What We Offer

What We Offer

The heart of Wellspring's work is focused on restoring balance to the emotional, physical, and spiritual parts of our humanity. We seek to empower you with the freedom to be yourself, without judgment.

Our professional staff identifies the root causes of concern and customizes a counseling approach that utilizes your natural personal resources to successfully address your challenges. We seek to understand and interpret the issues, concerns and symptoms that may be present in your life. We believe that a customized, dynamic feedback approach, data retrieval, and effective interpretation of symptoms and triggers can help you restore balance.

Our licensed clinical staff provides diagnostic and clinical assessment to target a variety of emotional disorders and critical concerns in life. Our aim is to provide a customized, targeted, and accelerated approach that effectively identifies the root causes to many of these concerns.

Our clients, though frequently stressed or in crisis, are motivated for change. We seek to provide enough information and data through an intensive assessment and design stage that equips you to better interpret, challenge, and resolve the difficulties in your life.

After the design stage, our staff customizes a treatment approach or implementation phase that utilizes the natural personal resources of our clients as well as developing therapeutic strategies to maximize and accelerate recovery. We encourage individual responsibility and accountability within the therapeutic process.

Since we are not a long-term care facility and in most cases psychotherapy should have a beginning and an ending, we provide an evaluation phase to assess the effectiveness of the therapeutic process. Following the evaluation phase our clients move into one of two stages: continuation of treatment or successful resolution/transformation leading to termination of treatment.

Our trained, licensed psychotherapists specialize in a variety of treatment modalities, including:

Individual, Couples and Family Outpatient Psychotherapeutic Services

Our counselors address the needs of individuals, couples, families and groups in the areas of trauma recovery, depression, bereavement, anxiety, addictions, gender conflicts, anger management, personality disorders, conflict resolution, catastrophic experiences, child and family issues, separation and divorce recovery and marital counseling. Our professional staff is equipped to provide assessment analysis and treatment of your mental health concerns through a variety of state of the art assessment tools and treatment strategies.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

This treatment method is used to heal the symptoms of trauma and other emotional conditions. This therapy uses right/left eye movement and tactile or sound stimulation in repetition which activates both sides of the brain. This in turn releases the individual from intense feelings associated with the traumatic event. EMDR allows the client to process experiences that he or she is not yet able to talk about. Many times following this type of therapy, clients are able to speak to their therapist about the event. Wellspring Counseling offers several Level II trained EMDR specialists. Clients are strongly encouraged to explore the relevant research that supports this unique technique.

Therapy focuses not only on diagnosis and symptom reduction, but tapping into the internal positive resources that naturally exist in each of us. These resources are often under-utilized in the present or neglected due to the natural process of surviving life and development, whether positive or negative. Unfortunately, the negative influences of our lives often reinforce already integrated negative self-perceptions developed through our early childhood experiences.

The staff at Wellspring Counseling creates an environment rich in empathy, safety and commitment to resolution to help you achieve a richer life.